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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jason Fischer can say he represents district 7 but we all know who he really represents.

At the school board meeting when discussing paying dues to the state board of education Jason Fischer balked saying his constituents did not want the school board too. In case you missed it the state school board association is one of the plaintiffs in the voucher law suit. They believe that tax payer money should got to public schools not unregulated private schools that have practically no accountability measures in place. Inexplicably Fischer a school board member disagrees.

I chuckled when he said his constituents because he couldn't have been talking about the families of district 7 but instead he must have been talking about Gary Chartrand and John Kirtley who is the Tampa lawyer behind Step up for Students the states voucher provider oh and Fischer's boss too.

Jason Fischer works for Uretek holdings.

Fischer who has both already announced he is running for the Florida house an before he loved education loved soil and water is the worst kind of politician, an opportunist who doesn't care about his constituents but instead only cares about advancing himself. Sadly he knows he can't do that without Kirtley and Chartrand on his side.

His laughable comments were made at the 1:07 mark.

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