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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Missing the real controversy with The Librarian of Basra book

The Librarian of Basra is a book about a librarian in Iraq trying to protect books during the recent war and it is going to be used this year in the district’s third grade classes and it has recently generated some controversy.

I have to say I find the notion that the book is somehow going to encourage kids to worship Islam is ludicrous but I do think there may be some validity in the subject matter being to intense for some kids. I know the world can be a dangerous place and kids are growing up quicker than ever but is third grade the right time to tackle such mature subjects?

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I also think some people are missing the real controversy about a book about a librarian trying to save books and that's Duval County for the most part has gotten rid of its librarians and is now getting rid of its books.

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  1. That was my first thought too, Chris -- the irony of having them read a book about a librarian trying to save the books for the children while our district is getting rid of books and librarians!