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Monday, July 27, 2015

KIPP says college starts in Kindergarten (rough draft)

State board of education member Gary Chartrand said he would like to see as many as a dozen more KIPP schools in Jacksonville.

The reason might be because to KIPP college starts in Kindergarten. From LINKEDIN:

KIPP VOICE Elementary believes that college begins in Kindergarten. The cornerstones of our school are a caring and disciplined school community, culturally relevant curriculum, rigorous college-prep academics, and giving students the skills necessary to get to and through college. We strongly believe that a college education is vital to gaining opportunities in life, competing in today’s increasingly sophisticated global workforce, and fulfilling one’s potential. KIPP provides its students with a rigorous academic program and a school community built on the follow core values: Vision, Optimism, Imagination, Community, and Empowerment.

Though the reason might be he is clueless too.

Look I am a big fan and believe in college but in kindergarten my biggest concern was not wetting myself during nap time. Not worrying about where or if your kid goes to college when they are five does not make you a bad parent, though forcing them to go to a school that does might.

The whole ad also plays into many of the concerns people have about KIPP and that's they counsel out students who might not be interested in college or college material in their eyes and that the whole curriculum is based around kill and drill strategies so their students do well on standardized tests.

So if you want college to begin for your child at 5 maybe KIPP is for you but if you want your child to be a child and as they grow discover what they love and want to do, then it definitely is not. 


  1. Do you oppose every kid receiving an education that PREPARES them for college, even if they decide to choose a different path? That's pretty harsh.

    1. Um, five seems a little early to start worrying about it...

    2. Really? You've never complained about parents who aren't invested in college? Who don't push their kids enough?
      Habits form early.

    3. Did you read the piece? We're not talking about juniors in HS we are talking about five year olds.