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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How Vitti uses select data to spin his narrative

I am pretty critical of the Times Union but I have to say their piece on Teacher Turnover is the first piece in a long time that sheds light on some of the ivory tower's shenanigans. It was not perfect but it was better.

I will get right to it. From the Times Union: First Coast’s situation is not typical. Teacher departures have fallen throughout the district, Vitti said later.
Total resignations are down from 875 last school year to 655 as of June 19, 2015, he (Vitti) said.

He is right too, compared to last year resignations are way down. The thing is compared to every year before that resignations are still up considerably.

In 10-11 there were 526, 11-12, 574, 12-13, Vitti's first year 625, It jumped to 875 in his second and friends that's over ten percent of all teachers just quitting and then this past year as of June 19th there have been 655 but that number is sure to go up. 

Let's look at it a different way, during the two years before Vitti the district averaged 550 resignations but since he has been here that number has jumped to 718 a thirty percent increase.

Now some might say the economy has turned around and people have more options and I agree but that should mean the super should be working that much harder. Instead he shrugs his shoulders and says, hey things are a lot better this year compared to last. Yeah but...

Spoiler alert things are not better though if you listen to him you might think they were.


  1. "Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics" Par for the course with Vitti. He's known as a "Data Guy" and this is because people confuse numbers for facts. The only time he's stymied is if you come back at him with statistics supporting your view at which point he declares numbers irrelevant and just rolls over you and does what he intended to anyway.

  2. Why not take some of the $24 million surplus and find ways to financially compensate the hard working educators to retain them? Obviously it wouldn't spread out far if evenly, but what about a trust so that teachers of the year get a dime?