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Monday, July 6, 2015

Vitti habitually thinks the worse of teachers

I have documented the superintendents seeming disdain for teachers many times. and he banged the gong once again in the Times Union today.

From the Times Union: Duval helped that along this year by adding financial incentives to encourage early retirement. Early retirements are up from 78 last year to 169 so far this year, Vitti said, and more are expected.
“This was a financial and human capital strategy,” he said.
But some teachers said anonymously they believe the district is “pushing out” people who are over 45 in favor of younger, presumably cheaper labor.
Vitti discounted that criticism, saying it’s up to employees whether to retire. The incentive makes it more affordable for them, he said.
“We have a considerable number of highly effective veteran and older teachers and administrators who are contributing to raising student achievement,” Vitti said.
“The option is there for those who feel that they are ready to retire.... As an organization, you do not want employees staying within their profession if they are burnt out, especially when their role is to work with and inspire children.
Why throw in that last line about being burnt out? 
Maybe they were just tired of Vitti's shit. Maybe they wanted to get out before he dragged the district down any farther. Maybe they were tired of him keeping bullies as admins, the lack of communication and the random decisions made without data and on the fly. Sure burnt out may be a reason but I can think of a lot more better ones.
Also he is being a bit disingenuous because the article also says almost 3500 of 8000 teachers have five years or less of experience.
I feel like every year the district has offered some incentive to retire early and this year more than double last years number took him up on it. Unlike the superintendent I don't think we're getting rid of a bunch of burnouts, I think we are sadly getting rid of institutional knowledge and experience the district can not afford to lose.

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