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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

So exactly what is happening at Ed White high school?

There was a splash in the paper today as Superintendent Vitti threw out dozens of radical suggestions that will affect as many schools. One of them was to transform Ed White into a 7-12 military magnet school. This has to have people in a tizzy but maybe not so fast because at the 16:30 mark of today’s First Coast Connect radio program he seemed to walk that back some.

He said, the proposal was based on how enrollment and performance was down (it has been a C school for a couple years now but in Jax is that really down)  and how they are trying to leverage a presence in Jacksonville that is strong and that’s the military.

During the interviews Vitti said there will be other options and maybe the military theme is not the perfect idea but they have to recognize that things are not working.

He is right when he says the Westside does need more high level academic opportunities and I agree with him that we have needed a second LaVilla school of arts for years but this begs the question why is he just throwing stuff out there, why not meet with the community to see what they think? Though we see how well that has worked for the First Coast Community.

Finally I would like to point out that Ed White has had 6 principals in 8 years, three under Vitti alone and that can’t be helping either.   

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