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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ashley Smith Juarez makes Scott Shine look clueless.

Scott Shine if you troll me please don’t talk about my teaching which you have never seen was made to look foolish at the last school board meeting.

He complained about the money to be spent on dues and travel to several organizations that the board belongs too.

Ashley Smith Juarez pointed out that for every dollar we spent we received sixty-one dollars in return.

Instead of going, huh, well that doesn’t sound too bad, I think I will support that, Shine still voted against the memberships.

Here is the thing Shine ran for the board to fill a line on his resume, he saw an opening and took it, selfishly. He often comes off as clueless and no more was that illustrated than in his gushing review of Vitti just a few months after he got on the board.  

Instead of trying to be Fischer’s sidekick, Fischer by the way will go down in history as one of the worst board members we ever had, Shine should try and catch up and make his term on the board anything but a complete waste.

At this stage in his career I/we all expect him to be ignorant, the problem arises when he pretends he is not.

Start watching at the hour mark to see the smack down.

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