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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What else doesn't superintendent Vitti want us to worry about

The headline read don't worry about teacher turnover, despite the fact we're annually replacing a little over one in six teachers and nearly forty-five percent of teachers have less than five years experience, the super doesn't think we should worry our pretty little heads about it.

Think about it, it is now possible for a student to go through his entire education and not have a teacher who taught more than five years. Wait don't think about it, you might start to worry.

This article in the Times Union made me think about all the other things the super has asked us not to worry about

First don't worry about school grades, after last years bloodbath where an unprecedented amount of school grades dropped he said don't worry it was a new test, and this year he said don't worry about our scores staying the same because as we transition to a new test the same is really a win.

Then don't worry about books either, heck we got rid of librarains and survived. The super says we will just use printouts and which ever way it goes, teachers having to make them or the district making them and delivering  them things will just work out. I imagine he believes he can just will it to happen.

Also don't worry about discipline, having a system that practically awards bad behavior will have a positive effect especially if we can keep those kids who don't want to learn and would rather disrupt in class. How can't that work out?

Furthermore parents don't worry about having opinions, take for example last years extra reading hour or this years open revolt at First Coast. Why have them when the super is just going to do what he wants, even if it is not rooted in data. Parents he is doing you a favor, free will can really be bothersome especially when you can just accept whatever he says.

While we're chucking all that lets chuck democracy too and not worry about the secret meetings with the QEA board. Like opinions, democracy can be tricky so why have it when we can let a handful of millionaires dictate policy.

Teachers leaving in droves? Relax its worse other places.

Hey, we're performing worse than the other big districts, teachers are leaving in droves and morale is terrible, parents are ignored and the future is more uncertain than ever, but relax don't worry, the super if going to make it all right.

You know I kid him but he is learning. Usually he makes some kind of excuse to explain away a bad result, here he says, just don't worry about it.

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