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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Times Union is back in love with Vitti

It looked like they might break up for a while what with the district throwing reporters out of a community meeting but now once again everything is hunky dory.

The editors of the Times Union wrote a massive piece on the advantages of wearing uniforms and pointed their finger at the school board for daring to want to take things slow. 

Here are a few quotes: 

School Board members should stop looking for reasons to delay that discussion.
They should start seizing the moment and let the discussion begin.
So Duval County School Board members should treat an intriguing proposal from district Superintendent Nikolai Vitti with a greater sense of urgency than they have so far.
But the district’s School Board members have shown little real appetite to seize the moment.
They flatly told Vitti that any uniform policy couldn’t be implemented until the 2016-17 academic year at the earliest. Why? Because, board members said, the district would need at least that long to discuss a potential school uniform policy with parents and the community — and to develop overall “buy-in” for the idea.
Seize the moment.
Don’t kick the can down the road
Spoiler alert, I am not a fan of the school board, but the truth is they have it right abut uniforms. the editors of the Times Union may have forgotten what a disaster it was the last time the district tried to do uniforms but at least several members of the board haven't. 
Here is the thing, uniforms is a conversation the district and community can have, but the Times Union just did a piece that said one in almost six teachers quit this past year, how about forty five percent of teachers have less than five years experience and how resignations are up over thirty percent under Vitti and instead of talking about that which is infinity more important the TU editors spend 18 inches on uniforms.
What about discipline, whats happening at First Coast or getting rid of books? They all fall on the more important list too.
Does the Times Union ever get tired of being on the wrong side of education issues? I anxiously await their how Teach for America and KIPP saved the city pieces, and how the city should stop wasting time and give Vitti the key of the city too (sic).

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