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Monday, July 20, 2015

Duval number 1! In Home school growth

Duval is number one in both the amount of kids being home schooled with 6,106 but also number one in percentage of kids overall being home schooled at 7.3%. This means bigger districts than us have fewer kids and a smaller percentage of children being home schooled The state over all saw a surge in home school growth this past year, thank you common core.

Duval is also one of the fastest growing charter school markets in the state and who doesn't know somebody who has said, yeah I am moving to St. Johns or Clay and it has nothing to do with the parks or fire department.

Superintendent Vitti will have been here three years in just a couple months. At what point, despite the Times Union's love affair with him, will he own these troubling stats, or since he has close ties to people like Gary Chartrand who would dismantle our school system given the chance, maybe this has been his plan all along.

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  1. No mention of McKay Scholarships being pulled out of District Funds....Would be interesting to tally numbers of home schooled, charter schooled and McKays being "driven" from Duval County because of Common Core, lack of ESE cooperation (especially from District Officials and punitive philosophy) and non-empathetic administrations in local schools - probably driven by downtown directives. Discipline policies or lack of are also part of the equation. Parents and children want to feel safe and respected.....not much of that to be found!

  2. Don't worry. Home School will be illegal soon enough. The subversive ideas taught by rebel parents in lieu of Common Core indoctrination can not be tolerated. No one wants a mass rebellion!