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Monday, July 6, 2015

There you go First Coast High School community, you're screwed

From the Times Union: Vitti told parents that Brennan is a good principal who will retire in two years after training a replacement. Vitti pledged a variety of improvements at the school, ranging from hiring a guidance counselor, truancy officer, graduation coach and social worker, to training more teachers for dual-enrollment classes and putting more security cameras in place.
He also acknowledged that First Coast staff and parent surveys show above average dissatisfaction, but there are a variety of reasons for vacancies, not just dissatisfaction.
“Across the board, First Coast [survey] data is below district averages,” he said. “We can do better with morale at First Coast.”
There you have it, he admits First Coast has suffered under Brennan's watch but he just doesn't care. Just like he doesn't care about the drop in school grade, the exodus of teachers and the community revolting. He doesn't care.

Later Vitti said, First Coast’s situation is not typical. Teacher departures have fallen throughout the district, Vitti said later

But guess what, he just doesn't care.

I have tried to be patient with Vitti but this makes it impossible. I don't know if this is more shameful or more despicable.

1 comment:

  1. Again, why should he care? He's got a three year contract. He stopped even going through the motions of looking like he gave a crap the second the School Board rubber stamped his extension. They basically said "We approve of what you are doing, keep doing it."