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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The hypocrisy of Trey Csar and the Jacksonville Public Education Fund

I will just get right  to it, From the Times Union
What’s different are the teachers, said Trey Csar, president of Jacksonville Public Education Fund, which directs the Quality Education for All fund expenditures. The fund’s five-year goal is $50 million but it has raised $38 million for Duval schools, including the transformation schools.
“What really matters is high quality teachers and leaders,” Csar said. “How can we make sure these students get the best teachers and principals?”
He asks how do we make sure these students get the best teachers and principals? Well friends it is surely not by staffing the transformation schools with hundreds of untrained, non education majors which is what Teach for America does and the story doesn't mention it but 5 of the 38 million is going to put TFA in those schools.
Trey Csar joins the district in saying on one hand we need our best and brightest and on the other hand hey anybody can be a teacher and teach there. 

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