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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Superintendent Vitti just making sh*t up as he goes along.

Oy vey where to start.

He told the Ed White staff it was his plan all along to move Jason Bloom principal at First Coast there eventually because Stilwell had become a military magnet and was going to be a feeder school as they looked to make Ed White a military themed school too (Good God why does the district hate Ed White so much).

Well at today’s meeting, he now wants to make Stillwell an arts magnet.

From the Times Union: Stilwell Middle School, which became a military magnet last year, would instead become an arts middle school, like LaVilla, something district parents have requested, he said.

So much for his plan all along.

Now I am all for more specialty schools with more specialty programs and I always have been. We have to get kids interested in school and a great way of doing that is making it more relevant and interesting to them. What I am not for is just throwing ideas against the wall and hoping something sticks or you know, the way Vitti does things.

Also from the Times Union, with my commentary in parenthesis. Ed White High would become a military magnet school, taking grades 7 through 12, he said. (This would be the districts first 7-12 grade school and has he mentioned this possibility to one Ed White parent). 

He proposed changing Highlands Middle on Tuesday into a digital media magnet school, moving its aviation program (which is basically brand new), and then broadening the boundaries for Oceanway Middle and for First Coast High (he told the families of First Coast he was going to tighten up the boundaries after they complained to many non-neighborhood students were going there), to accommodate more students after the changes, he said.

Matthew Gilbert Middle would become a medical magnet school for grades 3 through 8, he said, and Westview would become a veterinary magnet for kindergarten through eighth grades. R.L. Brown, the neighborhood elementary school that this year lost its dyslexia unit to the new Grasp Academy, will become a gifted and talented school run by Project Lead the Way, he said.
Oy vey.

A medical magnet for third graders, a veterinary magnet for kindergartners? There is a difference between bold and reckless, not a fine line but a difference.

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