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Monday, July 13, 2015

Moor proof the Florida legislature doesn't really care about disabled children and adults.

If you need more proof that the Florida legislature doesn’t care about families with disabled children just look at what they did to the adults with disabilities budget. They slashed it from ten million to 750 thousand dollars which will in effect end the services that thousands of poor disabled adults and their families receive. They may have justified this slashing because they tripled the amount they put into personal learning scholarships for disabled children from 18 to 54 million.

The problems there are that since the money for services, mostly private schools, is paid up front by the families and then later they are reimbursed most poor or working class families are not eligible for the scholarships and since it was just for children it doesn’t help adults anyways. It is just a giveaway for the states most affluent families with disabled children.  

Don’t you get tired of the state just working for the rich and most affluent or poor families that have legitimate needs being left out? I know I do.

It’s shameful, Florida should be ashamed. 

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