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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Eric Fresen, Florida's latest worst legislator ever

Eric Fresen was behind the best a brightest scholarship scheme which gives teachers bonuses based on their SAT or ACT scores. It's been widely panned as irresponsible, unfair and a waste of scarce resources. Eric Fresen however cannot understand why people have a problem with it. He said in the Sun Sentinel: "Most of the criticism is coming from people who illogically conclude that if one person is being rewarded, others are being punished,"

Um, no, most of the criticism is coming from people who recognize what a terrible idea it was and are saddened by the losses of resources that could go to critically needed things. Fresen is to dense to understand that and instead attacks the people who have rightfully criticized him and the program.

Nobody is saying teacher's shouldn't get paid more but universally people are saying this is a terrible way to get a few bucks to a few teachers.

The bottom line is Fresen is a buffoon and the program is a waste sadly it's pretty typical for how Florida does things.

1 comment:

  1. Can you imagine if someone suggested this idea for future doctors, lawyers, politicians? Oh yeah, my junior SAT results at the age of 17 definitely has an impact today. This is so absurd.