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Monday, July 6, 2015

Why does Duval Teachers United continuously cover for the district? (rough draft)

Last Fall teacher after teacher said they were lacking books. Terrie Brady has a different point of view. From the Times Union: Added Terrie Brady, president of the Duval Teachers United union, there are no widespread shortages, but there may be certain items on back order that can affect a school or a grade level.
About this time last year, book shortages and late deliveries affected many more Duval schools, with some still waiting for textbooks in October, she said.
“This year it’s 100 percent better,” Brady said.

Friends I heard about a lack of books all year long. Then she blamed the state for Duval's poor salaries this past December.

Also from the Times Union: Teacher salaries in Duval are close to some Florida districts but they are largely a function of district revenues, said Terrie Brady, president of the Duval Teachers United, the union which represents teachers. District enrollments have declined over time, she said, along with per-student revenues from the state.

She is right the state has been terrible but the thing is other districts have had to endure the states shameful behavior and still managed to pay their teachers more than Duval has, in some cases a lot more.

Then in February the Superintendent said DTU under Terrie's leadership is the most accommodating union in the nation.

At yesterday's One on One community activist conference Superintendent Vitti gushed about Duval Teachers United, he said they were the most accommodating union in the nation. He then implied that unions may be problems elsewhere but not here siting that since he has arrived there have been 36 or 37 memorandum's of understanding, that is alterations to the contract. What we got for those alterations is unclear to me. Teacher morale is worse than ever, communication with the district is abysmal, discipline remains a huge problem and most teachers I know feel overwhelmed.

Then today she alluded that teachers were retiring at higher than usual rates because they were baby boomers. 

At least 3,482 of Duval’s more than 8,000 teachers have less than five years’ experience, said Terrie Brady, Duval Teachers United president. She said she is encouraged by the district’s hiring progress but Duval is suffering, like most other districts, from Baby Boomers reaching retirement.
Duval helped that along this year by adding financial incentives to encourage early retirement. Early retirements are up from 78 last year to 169 so far this year, Vitti said, and more are expected.
I can think of several other reasons that teachers might be retiring early and they all have to do with the direction that Vitti is taking the district, a direction as we can see the union has been very accommodating  in heading.
It's no secret that I did not like the  new contract, I thought it was a great deal for rookies but a terrible one for veteran and did little to address non pay issues, which contrary to popular believe drive more people out of the profession than low salaries do. 
Teacher morale is worse than ever, communication with the district is abysmal, discipline remains a huge problem, most teachers I know feel overwhelmed and to be honest it is getting harder and harder for me to tell where the district ends and the union begins.
I suddenly feel very alone.


  1. What is Terrie Brady's salary from DTU?

  2. I have wondered for years what Terrie Brady's salary is and what the budget of the DTU is. I am not a member anymore because I joined PEN - Professional Educators Network. It is not that expensive and provide legal protection and does not have a liberal agenda. Check it out on-line - PEN. Our union does not care about children or about teachers. Someone else needs to run for union president.

  3. Your building rep should have a copy of the DTU budget and officer salaries as they have to approve these items every year.

  4. I retired early from DROP and left $60K on the table (salary & DROP) and walked half a year early. Could. Not. Stand. It. Anymore. DTU isn't a Union I a political fundraising wing of the Democratic Party in Tallahassee. How about a cadre of aggressive lawyers to flood schools holding Admins to contract terms? How about and aggressive staff of Regional Area Supervisors to get in school Admin faces for weeks at a time. The DTU is BULLSHIT and I should k ow as I was a building rep and asst building rep for over 30 years. Save your money like I did, give yourself a raise and give DTU the finger. Like I did.

    1. It seems that a high # of bldg reps quit the union. I think they see, more than most of us, that it's all bullshit.

  5. DTU is worthless. They make teachers poorer.

  6. I have often wondered if I should join DTU or PEN. I lean more towards PEN but wonder how helpful they would be in a wrongful termination situation. I am an annual contract employee for life and I always worry about my contract not being signed for the next year so that our rotating door or principals can bring in their own people. Anyone ever have to use PEN against the district before?
    I refuse to give DTU one dollar. They are a bunch if spineless idiots.

    1. They both think of excuses not to represent you when you need it.

  7. Just to be clear, I am a union guy and I believe in the union but I have to say I am often frustrated by it.