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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Why did the AFT vote to support Hillary so early? (rough draft)

The American Federation of teachers voted, they say overwhelmingly, to support Hillary Clinton today. I say they say because how many teachers are actually thinking about and preparing for the 2016 election.  Now maybe I am wrong and there is some tremendous movement underfoot and I missed it but my bet is it’s not an overwhelming amount.

If Hillary is the nominee I will support her but right now the more Bernie Sanders talks the more I like what he says and furthermore support for him not Hillary is literally overwhelming my Facebook news feed from teachers. People are not knocking Hillary but Sanders message is really resonating.

Why announce now some 16 months before the election, 13 months before the convention and over a month before the first caucus. Isn’t the AFT destroying what leverage it has by committing so early? What if Sanders does win, after all Hillary was anointed once before and lost.

Like I said I will support Hillary if she is the nominee but regardless of who the nominee is, it is more important that we must make sure they actually support teachers instead of just paying lip service to them. Without teachers President Obama would never had been elected or reelected and while in pubic he says all the right things his policies have been dreadful and Arne Duncan his secretary of Ed has been beyond bad.

The AFT may say teachers overwhelmingly support Hillary but the process is just getting started, they have in effect given a final a week after class began and like how no teacher would do that neither should have they.


  1. AFT Endorsement Policy

  2. I am happy to see you are supporting Bernie Sanders, but don't get your hopes up where teachers are concerned. If Florida teachers paid attention, Rick Scott would never have been elected once, much less twice.