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Saturday, July 25, 2015

First Coast HS boundries

The ever expanding boundaries of First Coast high were a source of contention for the FC community. They felt a lot of students without neighborhood ties were attending the school and that was leading to a lot of friction and discipline problems. Please any member of the FC community correct me if I got that wrong.

At a community meeting to address that and numerous other problems Superintendent Vitti said he was going to tighten the boundaries to reflect the Ocenaway community.

A few days later however the Times Union ran a story which said the exact opposite and that the boundries were going to be expanded to take an influx of students whose neighborhood schools were converted to magnet or specialty schools. as you can imagine this generated a great deal of outrage in the FC community. I also wrote about Vitti's base betrayal of the FC community.

It turns out I wrote that prematurely as I decided to reach out to the Times Union writer to confirm what Vitti said, I am critical of the super but it doesn't do me or anybody any good for me to get things wrong and this is an important issue to a lot of people so I felt it deserved to be clarified.

 She replied and said, "Talked with him (Vitti) tonight and he hadn't noticed I used the word broadened. He says he plans to narrow boundaries for First Coast and Oceanway, sending future students to Ribault High and middle."

So it appears that the super is keeping his word to the FC community which is a good thing as in my opinion they are a neighborhood that has suffered greatly under his and his subordinates leadership. It is good that he is attempting to repair the damage done.

Now if only he would do something about the principal, then we might be cooking with gas.

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