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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pixar makes teachers the butt of the joke

I went to see Inside Out last night and first FU Pixar, I don't go to see your movies to get something in my eye. Second, watch the clip below,

When I saw it I couldn't help but chuckle, though two ladies five rows up let out mighty guffaws, teachers, I said to myself.

And yeah it was funny but it also exemplifies how teachers have become some sort of running joke for Hollywood.

Look at the clip again. The emotions in the teachers head have all but given up five months, two weeks and four days before summer vacation. The year is not even half over.

But it's even worse because the clip in the movie is different. In the movie the teacher isn't smiling, she is asking a question in a monotone voice as her class has also given up. One kid in the front row had his head all the way back like he was sleeping. While others looked bored and uninterested. Nobody was engaged.

So yeah, Pixar had a joke at the teaching professions expense, one I admit, I smiled at but should we really be smiling? There was a time when teachers were respected and even revered, but now more often than not we are the butts of jokes or presented as the bad guys by Hollywood.

I can't imagine any of the emotions presented in Inside Out thinking turning teachers into a joke is a good thing.


  1. Don't forget the huge blunder that same teacher made in the movie. She made the main character who had just moved to the district stand up and introduce herself to the class. I never do that for exactly the reasons it backfired in the movie.

  2. I'm not easily offended. I just laughed and thought nothing of it. Teachers have been around long enough to become stereotyped in several different images, all based somewhat in truth (which is what makes those images funny). You see these images in cinema and in the teachers lounge all the time......

    1 young and naive
    2 old and jaded
    3 mean and nasty
    4 pompous and arrogant
    5 passionate
    6 intellectual
    7 inspiring
    8 old and wise

    Go back and watch 'Dead Poets Society', 'Teachers', 'Welcome Back Kotter', you will see all these images. Or you can just walk around at your next Open House.

  3. Good teachers are good, and great teachers are great, for so many different reasons and in so many different ways-and good-or-great for some students while not for's a people business, not "tab A will automatically fit into slot B". Dopey cartoon teachers mean nothing, Pixar is only doing what whoever did with Ben Stein's "Bueller...Bueller..." When it's right for the right reasons it isn't phantasmic magical unicorns and lollipops-it's right because the right person went into teaching. Keep corporations, C(K)ardashians, politicians and cartoon characters away.