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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Why superintendent Vitti needs to work harder on teacher retention

Despite the fact teacher resignations are up over thirty percent under Vitti he has seemingly shrugged his shoulders at the problem. Since Floirda and Duval's teachers in particular are some of the worst paid and most put upon teachers in the nation this can have disastrous consequences.

A 2007 study by California State University-Fullerton listed the top reasons why California teachers quit teaching. It found "poor compensation" ranked No. 6.
Reasons 1 through 5, in contrast, centered on working conditions, including bureaucratic indifference, poor support from the district, low morale, lack of classroom resources and unsupportive principals.
In short, "dissatisfied teachers who left the profession cited serious problems with their working environment," the report concluded
Sound familiar to anyone?
North Dakota, Iowa, Arizona, Arkansas, North Carolina and Indiana are all reporting large teacher shortages. Kansas and Wisconsin are considering seriously easing their teacher certification requirements to help with their shortages too.
Vitti can't rely on TFA either as they to are having a hard time hitting their recruiting numbers not that more and more people aren't picking up on the game they are playing.

Now the problem is not exclusive to Jacksonville but I haven't seen many superintendents say, relax, things were worse last year, like our superintendent has done. It is time Vitti took the problem of teacher retention serious before the problem gets even worse. Our children deserve no less.

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