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Sunday, March 1, 2015

More about Al Brennan at First Coast

I will update this periodically.

I liken this to how one abuse victim speaks up others do so as well. What starts as a trickle turns into a flood. Well that's the way it seems to be with Al Brennan too. Why the administration, heck multiple administrations has let this serial abuse take place is beyond me.

From teachers that used to work with him.

   I used to work at Englewood High where he was a principal. The way he treated his teachers as if he owned them and they have to be submissive to stay on his good side. Even veteran teachers didn't want to go head to head with him, so imagine how new teachers feel and have to deal with under his administration.

First Coast wasn't under any deadline to improve when Brennan showed up, rather under the leadership of Vincent Hall the school had already improved to an A school, with high performing sports teams and a decrease in discipline problems. The minute Brennan stepped in he wanted to change a fully functioning system so it could be done his way. His way has dropped the school grade, teacher and student morale and caused spike in discipline problems.

His Wed in-service speech/presentation was epic. He berated the teaching staff in charge of testing students in the computer lab for allowing the students to basically destroy the computer lab. He was spot on, those teachers did a poor job. However those teachers need admin support in the area of discipline. Would've been nice if he mentioned the consequences associated with students defacing the computer lab. I guess he was too busy doing his favorite thing: threatening teacher's jobs and certs.


  1. An 'A' school would indicate an 'A' faculty and an 'A' administration. We were an 'F' school just a few years prior. Why are over 50% of those teachers who helped those students earn that 'A' now at other schools? Where is that 'A' administration, and that 'A' guidance department?

    Brennan pushed out those teachers and other admin staff to bring in his people, and to get rid of anyone who may be too bold to cower in his presence. What grade is First Coast now?

    Brennan prides himself on being able to manipulate the back half of the school grade enough to earn an 'A' regardless of FCAT scores. Can't wait to see if his ability matches his ego. He thinks he can do it on his own. He doesn't need good teachers...... we will see??

  2. Dealing with teachers who have issues, whatever they may be, should be done privately, not publicly. Can you imagine if a teacher did this to a student in front of the other students? That is the major issue with me. On top of that, the students felt like they could with no consequence, it seems. That is an admin issue, not a teacher issue.