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Saturday, March 7, 2015

How aren't Florida's writing tests invalid or every time Pam Stewart speaks she reconfirms she isn't working for the states students and teachers.

From the Sunshine State News: "Of particular concern, beyond the reliability and validity issues, is the fact that many students with limited exposure to technology will be assessed on a computer for the first time," wrote Miami-Dade Superintendent Alberto Carvalho. "Was there consideration given to the real possibility that technical skill will influence content mastery results?"

Beyond the reliability and validity issues? I have to say Carvalho has been blowing Stewart and the tests out of the water. 

From the Orlando Sentinel: Montford wondered if the test was still valid, if some students had a chance to read the question and the related material and then were kicked off and re-tested (later in) the day. Did those who had a chance to consider their answers over night have an advantage? he asked. Or did that give them a chance to share test information with their friends?

Stewart did not directly answer his first question but said there are different versions of each exam, so what one teenager saw might not be what his friend was given. Sen. David Simmons, R-Altamonte 
Springs, asked if the problems impacted the validity of the test. "It did not effect the ability for individuals to answer, and it did not affect the quality of the assessment," Stewart answered. "We are certain that the content of the test is absolutely psychometrically valid and reliable."

Oh as well as Pam Stewart thinks students sharing information "might" not have happened. Sheesh, the reliability of the whole system is based on a might

Despite Commissioner Stewart's denial, I am not sure if she understands what reliable and valid mean, If one kid or a hundred or a thousand started the test and was booted off but allowed to later finish then all the tests should be null and void. This constitutes and unfair advantage for them over any kid who didn't start, stop and then start again.  

Pam Stewart is just trying to carry water of Jeb Bush, she could care less about what happens to our students and teachers and every time she talks she confirms this one more time.  

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