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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Four more years of crazy, Gary Chartrand reappointed to the state board.

Rick Scott said the heck with the notion of having a real educator on the state board of education and reappointed Gary Chartrand. This despite the fact a few weeks back he admitted in the Times Union that he didn't really know what he was doing when he was first appointed something I would argue contuses to this day.

Gary Chartand has ties to several charter schools, brought Teach for America to Jacksonville, funds the anti-union organization P.E,N. and last summer cackled on WJCT's First Coast Connect how glad he was that teachers no longer have work protections and were reduced to service workers on ten month contracts. He also used his position  as a state board member to try and influence the Duval County school board to drop put of the voucher law suit and has used his incredible wealth to collect school board members like a twelve year old might collect baseball cards.

Chartrand is on the wrong side of every education issue, his ideas are bad and his experience in education is non existent. I firmly believe when it is all said and done, Chartrand will not be the hero of the story, a role he is attempting to use his money to buy but the villain.

1 comment:

  1. Scott does not value public education or educators. Why would he appoint anyone with a background in actual teaching? His appointment of Thrasher to FSU only shows the depth of his disdain for educators at every level.