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Monday, March 2, 2015

It's time for Pam Stewart to go!

I will just get to it.

For months school boards and superintendents have been telling her and the state that they were not ready for the new tests but she held fast saying, full speed ahead. 

From the Tampa Times: The issues surfaced in 36 counties after months of warnings from superintendents, teachers, school boards and politicians that Florida's transition to new tests was too rushed and schools were not ready.

She cared not one iota about the consequences this reckless endeavor would have on children, teachers, schools and districts. Since the day she has arrived she has not carried water for their interests but for Jeb Bush's instead and its time she left to go work for his foundation (or one of his friends) which I am sure is in the cards. 

What happened today was an unmitigated disaster and thus far this has been her public response:

 A spokeswoman for Education Commissioner Pam Stewart said state officials are looking into the cause of the problems.

Wow what leadership there. I am sure she is waiting for Jeb Bush to get back to her with a way to spin this so its the union's fault or a statement saying this is what we had attended to do all along and all is well. We would get better leadership from an elementary school student council. 

It's time Pam Stewart left and for her to take her tests, which have wasted millions and millions of dollars, been used for purposes they weren't designed for and sucked the joy out of teaching and learning alike for so many, with her.


  1. Pam- it is a 120 minute test, not a 90 minute test. Scary that the person in charge is misinformed about such a critical component of student testing and making light of the computer glitches. The Times Union and news agencies will continue reporting 90 minutes though.

  2. To put all this in perspective, let us not forget that if some poor teacher inadvertently mishandles the test, not only the District but the State will come after their job, their certificate, and throw them in jail.

    Teachers are warned (aka threatened) every year what will happen if they screw up with these Holy Rites.

    I having endured these threats over many my years and having been forced to sign those stupid little affidavits saying I understand the consequences for this capital offense should I make a mistake.....think that Pam and everybody who works for her should serve 18 months at the County Jail.