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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Oy vey, Manny Diaz, clueless about education

You know I write about a lot of bad legislators. Here in Florida they are more common than oranges but many Diaz has really got to take the cake and I am not talking about the charter school conflict of interests he has routinely engaged in either. I am talking about his latest legislation which proposes kids can go to any school in any county as long as their parents provide transportation.  

“There should be no hesitation in allowing a student who has not been provided the right opportunity in whatever arbitrary, designated county they live in to be able to cross that line and get a better opportunity,” he said. “I will tell you that if that school district and that school that that student is supposed to be zoned for is doing their job and providing them the best opportunity, the parent’s not going to be looking for another one.

Yeah no hesitation and if schools weren’t crappy then parents wouldn’t have their kids leave. Or maybe there are just too many back kids, or poor kids, or some other petty reason that people sometimes use to make decisions.

Also how isn’t this going to further segregate our schools? What poor or middle class parent can drive their child across the county line day in and day out? Oh that would be none. All this is going to do is further drain resources from schools that can’t afford to lose them and Diaz, has the nerve to blame schools, not just implying but out and out saying they aren’t doing their jobs.

Well friends it’s Diaz and the legislature who aren’t doing their job, saddling schools with ridiculous rules, draining them of resources and then blaming them when after the have been set up to fail they do so.

Shame on the two democrats in the house who voted to send this horror of a bill forward.

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  1. Just as bad this could be for the regular student it could reek havok on athletics.