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Monday, March 16, 2015

What restorative justice looks like in Duval's schools

From a reader:

It's just another way of killing public education.

They still haven't "set up" restorative justice at my school and I have never had a student/teacher/administrator conference either, so nothing is being done about referrals. What is restorative justice? Saying you're sorry? Here's what a secondary student can do and expect, if there were any consequences:

Mon - arrive tardy - warning
Tues - disrupt class - have conference with teacher and adminstrator
Weds - use profanity - have conference with teacher and administrator
Thurs - skip class - have a conference with teacher and administrator
Fri - use phone in class - lose phone for the day
Mon - misbehave on bus - have conference with administrator
Tues - bring tobacco - referred to guidance
Weds - engage in a dispute - restorative justice and sign a behavior contract
Thurs - engage in vandalism - restorative justice and sign a behavior contract
Fri - steal - restorative justice
Mon - cheat - restorative justice
Tues - disrupt class again - sign a behavior contract
Wed - arrive late again - have a parent conference
Thurs - use profanity again - have parent conference and sign behavior contract
Fri - violate the dress code - sign a behavior contract
Mon - skip class again - have a parent conference
Tues - use phone in class again - get it back at end of day
Wed - create a disorder outside of class - conference with teacher and admin
Thurs - violate dress code again - have a parent conference, assigned detention
Fri - skip detention - detention is reassigned
Mon - vandalize again - restorative justice, one day ISSP
Tues - skip ISSP - it is reassigned
Weds - cheat again - restorative justice, detention
Thurs - skip detention

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  1. Sadly, this is entirely true. Vitti has tied the hands of administrators, all in an attempt to skew numbers to make it look like behavior is improving. I have never seen so many fights in all of my years here. We teachers keep getting updates about student discipline, and on the surface, it seems numbers are down. That is because the teachers have stopped writing referrals.