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Sunday, March 1, 2015

If only Andy Gardiner were poor

Andy Gardiner has a disabled son. This is without a doubt the motivation behind him pushing for legislation to help disabled children. Some people might see this is noble. I see it as incredibly selfish.

What if Andy Gardiner and his children lived in poverty? Would he then be fighting to improve thier lot? We know poverty is the number one factor effecting children in school. Those children that live in it invariably do worse than those that don't. But instead of addressing poverty, Gardiner has passed blame the teachers evaluations, sought to out source our children's education to for-profit charter schools and private schools with practically zero accountability and brought in an experimental set of standards common core, and none of it addresses our real problem.

What if Gardiner's son was a student forced to take high stakes standardized tests or maybe a teacher that was forced to teach to the test? Would he be seeking to end the testing madness that has sucked the joy to of education for so many teachers and students alike?

Poverty and high stakes testing aren't his particular problem so he shrugs his shoulders at them and that brand of selfishness, how can I personally benefit from legislation, is a rampant problem in Tallahassee.

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