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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Some more random hypocrisy from Jason Fischer

From news4jax, "Anytime you make big structural changes to the system you'll have a little bit of angst. But what I think people are looking for is some stability," said School Board member Jason Fischer. "You create a lot of change in the beginning and you stick around and make sure the reforms get instituted properly. You stick around and see the rise in student gains."

Unless you are Jason Fischer right? I mean he declared for the house just two years into his first term and you might not know it but before he loved education he loved soil and water, he just didn’t win that election. Fischer's continued hypocrisy is amazing perhaps only dwarfed by his compete lack of knowledge about education issues. he's not there representing the people of Mandarin, he's representing the people who would privatize their schools.

He even voted to extend Vitti's contract for years after Fischer will be nothing but a memory on the board. 

Dear Mandarin, why? 

His next election can't come soon enough.  

1 comment:

  1. 1: the structural changes Vitti made caused more than a little angst. Anyone remember the Mayday Massacre of 2013 when district staff were called in waves to report to the 6th floor to turn in their badges, even when they still needed access to the building to finish out the year? Many called DTU in the parking lot, in tears, but let's not go there.
    2. Most of the changes Vitti made in his first year, he reversed course and made changes his second year. I get changes are traumatic and take time, but if he makes drastic changes every year, it's a pathetic admission he doesn't know what the hell he's doing.
    3. Damn right we want stability. Hey, Fischer, why don't you give it to us?