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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wait what, Duval County schools done lost their mind!

I am just going to let them do the talking for me.

From the Times Union in an article about opting students out of standardized tests: 

There are other drawbacks to opting out, parents say.
Amy Hynes-Johnson, a Mandarin parent whose fourth-grader and two fifth-graders opted out of tests this week, said they sat in the testing room for 80 minutes at a time. But because they didn’t test, when their classmates had an after-test party at school, her children were sent to another room.
Oy vey, so the school can't find a place to send kids who opt out of testing so they don't have to sit there and do nothing but we can find a place to send them when they are to be excluded from a party? What the $%#@!!!!
I talked to an elementary school vice principal two days ago and she told me about all the children who were crying before having to take the tests. They said they did their best to calm them down but the stress we are putting on children is incredible. 
Stress, children, all over a test that most teachers can tell how their students are going to do without them even having to take it. 
We have gone to far if this is what is happening. 

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