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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Becki Couch reads the school board the riot act.

It appeared she was mostly speaking to Jason Fischer and WOW!

From the Times Union: Becki Couch said she had asked for additional data that she didn’t receive before being forced to decide on the contract. For more than an hour in discussion, it looked as if the board was divided.

Couch said in the end she voted in favor to prove her loyalty, but she didn’t like her concerns being dismissed by the rest of the board.

“The way this was handled was very inappropriate,” said Couch. “This cannot occur on the board, where we box out people when they share that they have concerns. It looks bad to the public, like we couldn’t get our act together.”

The thing is the Times Union doesn't do what Couch said justice. She went on a three minute rant where it appeared she had tears in her eyes. Not tears of sadness mind you that the august body was unraveling but tears of anger as the board is transformed into something horrendous that doesn't represent our schools, teachers and children but a few peoples agenda, see her comment last month when she said she had never felt more pressured.

It was obvious that she felt her and other members of the board, Hall and Wright, were being disrespected and marginalized by the block of Gary Chartrand paid for ideologues (Smith-Juarez, Shine and good God what have you done Mandarin, Fischer).  

Sadly Mrs. Couch, Wright and Hall, joined the people they basically accused of bullying and marginalizing them and voted for the hastily put together agenda item. That last part was their words not mind. 


  1. Staged. Totally staged. Hope I'm wrong, but I'm probably not

  2. She's the most accommodating union president in the nation.

  3. ...then gives in.

    I agree it was staged.

  4. I am baffled by Couch's loyalty comment. To whom is she loyal? The students? The teachers? Vitti? She owes him nothing. I am left to conclude that she owes the charter school advocates who contributed to her campaign. She sits on a "public school" board and is owned by right-wing politicians whose aim is to destroy public schools. I would respect her if she was the lone NO vote (that shows political courage), but to vote AYE and then immediately say she didn't want to is bizarre. If you didn't want to, then you shouldn't have, idiot! You're not a teenager. Shouldn't you have moved past peer pressure by now?

  5. If you don't want to vote "Yes', then you vote 'No'. To admit you you voted against your will based on outside influences, be it money or peer pressure, indicates you should not be in a position of authority to cast any vote. This is obscene.