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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Geatz and Adkins, oh Florida why do you elect people who hate education?

Dear Florida, why do you elect people that hate or misunderstand public schools so? Is it the union teachers barely making ends meet? Is it algebra, you're still mad you had to take it but have never used it? Is that it? 

Today's legislators are Janet Adkins, Fernandina Beach and Don Gaetz, Niceville.

From the Tampa Times: But Republicans on the panel disagreed.
“The pressure helps our schools to continue to strive to do better,” said Rep. Janet Adkins, R-Fernandina Beach.
The proposed amendment (to hold schools harmless during this transition time) was rejected.
What pressure is that Jan? The pressure on eight year old that might be held back? The pressure on those aforementioned teachers who are already leaving the profession in droves?  How about the pressure on districts that are going to see their number of F and D schools double. Superintendent Vitti has said he expects we will have about a hundred F and D schools next year. Instead of providing adequate resources, proper leadership, and a tested set of standards. Lets double down on the pressure. Plus you know if there wasn't any pressure teachers would just sit back with their feet up and collect their extravagant pensions (sic).
Then there is Don Gaetz who wants to force public school districts to sharer their construction funds with for profit charter schools. Hmm is that crony capitalism or corporate welfare?
From State Impact: Sen. Don Gaetz, a former Senate president, filed the amendment Tuesday. The amendment would require half of the money raised by an optional local property tax to be split between charter and traditional schools on a per-student basis.
Over 270 charter schools have opened taken public money and closed leaving families and communities in a lurch and Gaetz wants to shovel even more money into this failed and corrupt system.
Terrible... terrible, terrible, terrible.
Thanks Florida for dragging public education down (sic)....

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