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Monday, March 9, 2015

More general cluelessness from Commisioner Stewart

Why does she keep talking? Doesn't she get that every time she does she makes things worse? Also has commissioner Stewart ever met a child?

Stewart doesn't think the test results are necessarily compromised, way to be sure right. She sighted the fight club rule of test security. Follow the link to the audio file and listen at the 2:30 mark. Warning do not listen to with milk in your mouth.

Oh as long as you are "..always encourage students not to be sharing." Then things should be all right, right? She actually said that. I mean I can't make this stuff up.

Is anybody else wondering what would have to happen for Stewart to start listening to the superintendents, teachers and parents of the state and just go ahead and invalidate this years round of testing. I mean sure keep it for research purposes if you have too, but to use it for any other purposes at this point is just ridiculous.

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