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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Let the Florida Senate know you support Senator Hays hold kids harmless amendment

You know when a democrat proposes sensible legislation about education that most of the public supports they get looked at cockeyed like they are crazy but if a republican does it they get picked up and carried on the backs of the public as fireworks go off all around.

Okay enough of my righteous indignation, Senator Allen Hays has proposed an amendment to whatever monster school choice bill du jour that is about to pass, that says the state of Florida will hold children harmless until we figure out this testing debacle. I know right, who could have a problem with that? Unfortunately most of the republicans in Tallahassee who actual work for Jeb Bush rather that the people of Florida is who. 

Here is the thing though, if enough people tell them to say slow down and do what's right then there is a chance, just a chance that a few of the moderates with listen. Imagine the one time speech from Little Giants here.

What Hays, the states school boards, superintendents, teachers and parents are asking isn't unreasonable. When people's futures, when kids futures are on the line getting it right is not unreasonable. Lets let the legislators know that. 

From Facebook

Urgent - Need Your Help.... we must contact those listed below TONIGHT and TOMORROW. Pls focus on the Senate Committee on Appropriations to pass Senator Hays great amendment that protects kids from unjust consequences on unvetted, compromised tests. Urgently, please contact the following senators- ask them to pass Sen Hays' amendment tomorrow. 

CallTom Lee (Chair), (850) 487-5024
Thad Altman, (850) 487-5016
Rene Garcia, (850) 487-5038
Denise Grimsley, (850) 487-5021
Dorothy Hukill, (850) 487-5008
Jack Latvala, (850) 487-5020
Garrett Richter, (850) 487-5023
Jeremy Ring, (850) 487-5029

or email

NOTE: If Hays amendment fails tomorrow, we must encourage Sen Hays to take it to the floor of the Senate.

To read more, click the link:

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