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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Class size versus charter schools, one works one doesn't. Hint, it's charter schools that doesn't.

At the same time the state is voting to further limit the class size amendment, something the people of Florida have voted for three times, because Tallahassee does not want to pay for it, they have voted to force local school districts to share local tax revenue with charter schools, many of which are run by for profit management companies.

Smaller classes are one of the few reforms that has actual evidence that says it works, charter schools of which over 270 have opened and taken public money in Florida leaving families and communities in a lurch cannot say that. The Stanford Credo charter schools study, the definitive study on charters says, they as a group under perform in Florida, when compared to public schools.

Why is Tallahassee forcing districts to invest in an arguably failed reform while ignoring the will of the people and gutting one that has evidence saying it works? The answer as usual is follow the money as charter school operators are some of the biggest supporters of the republican legislators in Tallahassee. It's crony capitalism with our children paying the price.

We should demand our representatives do what is right for the children of Florida instead of doing what is best for the profit margin of their supporters.   

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