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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Not one teacher speaks up for Vitti

Now plenty of the cities elite did. I guess they enjoy having their own private superintendent who answers to their beck and call.

Terrie Brady, perhaps explained why.

During her portion of the meeting she talked about the poor state of morale for the district’s teachers blaming quite a bit of it not on the low salary or mountainous paper work but on their direct administrators, or you know the people Vitti hired.

Teachers cannot not do as an effective job if they are browbeaten, bullied and disrespected which seems to be the modus operandi for a good amount of the district’s administrators.How does Vitti expect for the district to reach its potential if he allows that to happen.

It is very telling that not one of his employees took the time to speak up for him, to say, the old man’s doing a great job please extend his contract.

That not the city’s elites who showed up to shill for him, should speak volumes.

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