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Monday, March 9, 2015

Superintendent Vitti's abysmal poll numbers.

A UNF public policy poll said the superintendent had a 50% approval rate, 30% disapproval and 20% undecided. That fifty percent might be okay if there weren't 4 straight, Vitti, walks on water, letters and op-eds in the Times Union. That number might be considered good even if a number of black deacons and the chamber of commerce hadn't been shilling for him too. The fact is despite all that half the city either has an unfavorable opinion of him or hasn't bothered to make one.

Here is the thing I bet the superintendent gets blamed for a lot of the careless and ridiculous things that Tallahassee does. So the numbers are probably skewed somewhat but the main reason they are bad is everybody knows a teacher. When teachers speak about the superintendent they are not fans. It is his mercurial top down leadership style, it's the poor communication between the administration and the rank and file teachers, it's the bully principals he has hired or allowed to keep their positions and despite the super's claims otherwise the lack of discipline in our schools.  

Everybody knows a teacher and in their eyes, superintendent Vitti isn't getting the job done and I don't know about you but I don't think going after the African America clergy and the business community while neglecting teachers is the right way to go.

There are without a doubt so many amazing things going on in our schools, great teachers showing up and giving their all for great kids but I believe most of them happen in spite of the administration and not because of it, that the great things are happening because of the super is another thing the super and his chamber of commerce shills would have you believe.

Superintendent Vitti if you read this, forty million over three years is nice but a respected appreciated and content workforce is priceless. If you really want to see us improve and you're not just making contacts for your next gig, you might want to think about that.

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