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Friday, March 27, 2015

Do you ever just get tired of the ridiculous stuff that comes out of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund?

Point one, their school choice report said charter schools do worse, we have no idea how voucher schools are doing, school choice drains much needed resources from public schools and the coup-de-grace, we need more school choice.

Point two a couple years ago Tommy Hazouri during his stay on the board said, who the hell is the Jacksonville Public Education Fund, when they tried to elbow their way into local education. fast forward and the creator of JPEF Gary Chartrad has his hand picked superintendent appointed and its hard to tell where the district ends and JPEF begins.

Point three, the director of JPEF has two years teaching experience, in Louisiana as a Teach for America teacher. I am siting on my couch with my wife and between us we have more teaching experience than the entire JPEF organization, she has none by the way (except for teaching me how to put the toilet seat down she wanted me to mention).

Point four is the wacky shit trey Csar, of the two years experience, says, take for example what he said in the Times Union the other day. When talking about the slow progress at The Transformation schools, funded by money manged by JPEF he said“What the district needs to do is to focus on closing the achievement gap,” said Trey Csar, head of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund.
“I have no doubt that the achievement gap is closable. The question is, are you closing it fast enough?”
Oh, we just have to close the achievement gap, its as easy as that. Tomorrow I just have to breath and the day will be great.
The real problem is Vitti, JPEF, Csar and the donors to the QEA, have no idea how to do that and reason one is none were educators, reason two is they don't respect or appreciate them.

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