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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Don Geatz, parents are idiots, screw school choice

Former Senate President Don Geatz when pushing charter schools and vouchers says over and over that parents know what's best for their children's education. He however does a complete about face when discussing testing. 

From the Ledger: Sen. Gaetz fired back at the criticisms of high-stakes testing, saying parents were often the root cause of student anxiety and a "testing frenzy" over statewide assessments.
"We don't need to stampede ourselves toward the precipice of working ourselves up over this issue," he explained.
There you have it, when parents want to take their children out of public schools their judgement cannot be questioned but when a parent dare questions the runaway testing agenda all they are doing is fear mongering.
It's not hypocrisy Geatz and the other republican's in Tallahassee are engaged in but a concerted effort to privatize public education and especially since charter schools as a group preform worse and voucher schools are absent any accountability it is way past time time the general public stopped looking away.


  1. President Don Geatz or President Contradiction? Maybe the guy needs a lesson on morality! Or is it he went to a VOUCHER SCHOOL where there was no accountability? Or is it the poor guy was just confused?