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Friday, March 6, 2015

The school board turns off clock for clueless Wayne Weaver

Wayne Weaver starts talking at 29:24 and he finishes at 33:20

First, if you had any questions about ladies shoes then sure Wayne Weaver would be the guy to go too but why anybody would give him the time of day about education is beyond me.

If you didn't know public comments are supposed to be just three minutes. Sure people routinely go past by a few seconds but that is accompanied by a loud buzzing, something that didn't happen to weaver as he went nearly a minute past his allotted time. In fact we don't know how much time he would have since the buzzer didn't go off. The board may have let him ramble forever.

Okay, yeah, who cares that he got an extra minute, so what, well I do and it sets a bad precedent that some people get more of a voice than others, that's not what democracy is about, though as a member of the QEA board Weaver is used to circumventing democracy. Public comments are supposed to be an equalizer, between the rich and powerful and the poor and powerless but the board by giving Weaver an extra minute took that away.

There were a half dozen things Weaver said I could contest, listen to his four minutes, but there is one thing I wanted to focus on. He said as we transition from FCAT to Common Core we can't do an apples to apples comparison and as a data driven guy that frustrates him. Well he's right but if we look at Vitti's last year with the FCAT it was disastrous which makes me think when Weaver talks about being Data Driven he either doesn't care about it whne it suits his needs of he doesn't understand what it means. 

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  1. Duval County, like the rest of the U.S., is no longer a democracy. It's an oligarchy. Shame on the School Board.