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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

State board member threatens DCPS

Greene starts to speak to the state board of education, a board surprisingly free of educators at about the 2:05 mark.

Area businessman, charter school supporter and not an educator, Joe York speaks with about five minutes left where he over and over said when talking about the civic council, 

"you need to embrace that group and make sure they are part of it."

"you need to embrace that group, or what you will tank the referendum?

"and make sure they are part of it" or what don't unpack your bags?

In between those veiled threats York said the district should beg for more charter schools.

The civic council is composed of a bunch of rich old white guys, at least some of whom don't live in Jacksonville and they through their water carriers, like Curry and York, and Corcoran and Shellenberg, and they want to take control of our schools.  They think because they are rich they are better than you and me, and that gives them the right.  

They do not want our schools to succeed. They want them to fail and proof one is the coordinated attack to tank the referendum that everyone agrees we need.

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