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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Mayor Curry continues to tell lies and mislead about the tax referendum (rough draft)

In a story about a viral letter asking for the referendum that a ten year old girl wrote, Curry played scrooge and continued to mislead about why the city isn't wiling to move forward.

From the Times Union,
None of the soon-to-depart City Council members wrote back to Audrey, but Curry responded, which Parman said the 10-year-old appreciated. However, she wasn’t as thrilled about what the response actually said.
“He thanked her for the feedback but also let us know that he is not in support of a special election for a single referendum because of its ‘financial impact on the city,’” Parman said. “When I read that to Audrey she asked, ‘If we aren’t important enough for this, who is?’”
Our spends like a drunken sailor  when its something he wants mayor continues to mislead people about the cost. 

DCPS has said they would pay for it and if it were to pass this fall it would save the district 5 million dollars. Hey members of the press please call him on this, pretty please.

I suspect he is beginning to realize fewer and fewer people are believing him about this so yesterday he floated another new reason to be against the referendum.

From Florida Politics.

On Wednesday, Curry added that “a cost analysis per location including transparent accounting” and other financial planning “will ensure we are asking taxpayers for the exact amount necessary and not hurting the credit rating of city and county government.”

Oy vey now he is concerned that school district can mess up the city's credit? Um Lenny you have done plenty enough of that on your own.

It's also 1.3 billion over 15 years for over a hundred schools and he wants it mapped out to the penny? Next he'll ask for a unicorn too.

Lenny isn't interested in solving a problem he helped create, just in finding more excuses not to do so.

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