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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Curry wants public schools to fail and charter school operators to get rich, err richer, and that's the bottom line.

Mayor Curry can give one dubious reason after another for why the tax referendum should be postponed or not even happen but the reality is there is only one reason for why he is fighting against it. You see he and many of his campaign donors prefer charter schools over public schools.

If you look at the members of the civic council you will find both that most have contributed to Curry and more than a few have interests in charter schools. The civic council in its letter to the district outlining their "so called" concerns about the referendum, said if the referendum were to pass the district should share with charters based on a per pupil basis and let me explain why that is a terrible idea.

The Charter schools at Baymeadows has a brand new campus and likely doesn't need much in the way of maintenance, where Raines is fifty years old school and needs to be tore down and rebuilt. If we allocated money on a per pupil basis, millions would be put into the bank accounts of the owners of the charter school, and Raines would remain the falling down and dilapidated campus it is today. What's my point? Charters even though they were sold as being able to educate better and cheaper, want more money, more profits. Curry and his donors support charter schools and aren't supporting the referendum because they want a bigger cut of the money.

Now I don't want to get into a debate about which does a better job educating students, but I think people should know why Curry is fighting so hard against the referendum. The timing of the election, the cost, the districts plan, these are all red herrings meant to district the people of Jacksonville from the real reason he is against it.

It's about profits and has nothing to do with children.

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