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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

We should let the local democratic party know that Tommy Hazouri's conduct was unacceptable

In the world of professional wrestling, when a hero suddenly and inexplicably turns bad it's called turning heal. That's what Tommy Hazouri did Tuesday afternoon when he once again threw the school board and the city's children and schools under the bus. The thing is politics in Jacksonville is about as fake as the world of professional wrestling because he didn't do so because the referendum was bad policy or not needed, he did so to serve his own selfish desire to sit at the table with the city's movers and shakers. Spoiler alert Tommy they may slap your back and light your cigar and celebrate the kneecapping pf public education, but they are never going to let you have a seat of the table. You sacrificed your mediocre legacy to get a wink and a nod from people who have only their own interests at heart. 

Why did Tommy turn heal something he has been telegraphing since he endorsed Curry? My bet is he wants to remain relevant and that is more important than his values, if he ever really had any. More than any other city council person he should have both understood how serious the problem with our schools is and that the school board doesn't work for the city council, but instead of standing up for what is right, he dived head first  into the fray undermining the board and referendum at every turn. 

They say absolute power corrupts absolutely, but it didn't take that for Hazouri, no, all it took was a terrible ruling by a city attorney that usurped the power and responsibility of the school board and the position of vice chair on the city council. This will be his legacy, 30 years ago, he got rid of some tolls, he spent the next 3 decades feasting from the public trough, and then sold out the city's teachers, children and schools, in a Pyrrhic attempt to remain relevant. A sad end to a mediocre man.

We should reach out to the democratic party of Jacksonville and ask the censure Hazouri, who at this point is just a democrat in name only.

Let them know his behavior is unacceptable.

1 comment:

  1. Ditto. Hazouri does not represent democrats. His endorsement of a Republican mayor speaks for itself. He needs to be challenged for whatever seat he runs for the next time since he runs for everything but the people he serves.