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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Lenny Curry stabs the city's children in the back while declaring victory

Curry by holding up the tax referendum, something if he was doing his job and cared about the city, he would enthusiastically support, and by bullying the school board he is stabbing the city's children, heck the entire city, in the back.

Shouldn't a mayor want neighborhoods to improve? Housing values to go up? People to stop fleeing to the suburbs? Shouldn't a mayor want to create jobs, attract business and give his city an economic shot in the arm all things the referendum would do along with making kids safer and fixing their schools? Aren't those the things a mayor should do? Well not this one, not Curry, and in his zeal to placate a mega donor, he has sold the city out.

From Florida Politics, 

 “The opportunity for us to work together – the Mayor’s office, the City Council, the School Board, teachers and parents – is available in the weeks ahead. Together we owe it to Jacksonville’s taxpayers and families to lay out a plan that is financially prudent and well thought out,” he added.

“To date, such a detailed plan has not been presented to me or to this community. The problem is real and easy to see, but for a solution to be effective, we must come together and ensure a plan that makes all our public schools better.”

Now Curry wants to work with the school board? Oy vey this guy lies as easily as I breathe as Lori Hershey disputed the mayors claim.

From the Times Union,
Hershey disagreed with that assessment.
“Our plan really goes above and beyond others in Florida,” she said. “Our CFO has answered a mound of emails from the mayor’s office. I really feel like at this particular point we’ve answered all the questions we need to at this point.”
Nate Monroe wrote last week, that no amount of answered question will satiate the mayor and his minions, because they aren't looking for answers or a solution, not that it is the mayor's job to tell the school board what to do.
Curry is trying to bully the school board and they should not give him an inch because when his minions on the charter review commission come around with their proposals, then he will try and take a mile.
This is not how things should be. 

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