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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Gary Chartrand shows he doesn't care about parents, teachers or children in late night text

Here is the body of a text Chartrand sent to select district staff yesterday.

“If you want to go fast go alone , if you want to go far go together “
You don’t have the mayor , city council or the business community on board . That’s not A winning strategy . We can pull together , address the issue we raised ( there is always room for compromise ) and get a plan everyone can support . Then we will be your biggest advocates and the tax will pass . that’s my My 2 cents

Um notice he didn't mention he has parents on his side or teachers? Now he does have the mayor, and most of the city council but there is a fair amount of businesses who know the referendum will bring jobs and customers that he doesn't have in his pocket, heck the realtors association came out for the referendum, because they know new and repaired schools will raise property values and attract more clients, but I guess they don't have the juice he does. 

Also the issue he raised, was he wants them to give more charter schools more money.

He's saying do what I want and pass the referendum don't and it will fail.

My two cents is this guy is a bully, he is the villain of the story

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