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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Who is working in Duval County's charter schools?

The Palm Beach Post did an amazing piece about how the for profit charter school chain, Charter Schools USA routinely hired subs and temps to teach their classes putting the bottom line ahead of children. I thought what a great idea and I wanted to find out who worked in those schools up here and we have a bunch, so I asked the district and what I found out shocked me.

Here is what the district told me:

Thank you for your patience. The school district’s Certification Office assists charter schools with determining eligibility for Florida certification and certificated hire. However, we do not maintain certification or employment records on charter school employees. Each individual charter school conducts their own hiring and recruiting and maintains those records. The best source of that information would be with the individual charter schools. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

WOW!!!!! The body in charge of running our public schools, and charter schools while crossing their fingers will say over and over again that charters are public schools, has no idea who is teaching in the district's charter schools.

Now I am not mad at the district, this is the system the state has set up. They have diluted the power of school boards nearly to the point or irrelevancy and that's not right and this is coming from a guy who has many issues with the board over the years. The thing is I recognize that having an elected board in charge of our schools is a better system than having people who give large campaign donations be so.

You know teachers in district schools who are out of field or who are needs improvement have letters sent to their students parents letting them know and they all have to have at least a temporary teaching certificate and more and more are required to have multiple certifications. Who lets the parents of charter school know about their kids teachers, their certifications and education? Apparently nobody is required to and not to segue to much into vouchers but those teachers don't have to have any certifications let alone a degree.

I was told I could ask the schools themselves but yeah I am not real optimistic about the response I would be given.

Tallahassee and the republicans there don't want our public schools to succeed and it would be hard for them to care less what charter schools do as long as the checks keep rolling in and its despicable.

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  1. A better question for you:

    What percentage of TFA grads work in charter schools? #synergy