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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Meet our lords and masters the Civic Council

The civic council is overwhelmingly rich, republican, a few don't even live in the city and there is more diversity at the average clan meeting than there is in the group. So why are we letting them rule the city?

Jacksonville's business community has a stranglehold on our city.  The Civic Council, kind of the chambers chamber, made up of elite businessmen like control, and they don't represent our interests, they only represent their own.

Douglas Baer, Brooks Health System

John Baker, FRP Holding, Inc., Florida Rock and Tank LinesImage result for john baker jacksonville fl

Edward E. Burr, GreenPointe HoldingsImage result for edward e burr jacksonville fl

Gary Chartrand, Acosta Sales and MarketingImage result for gary chartrand jacksonville fl

Timothy Cost CHAIRMAN, Jacksonville UniversityImage result for timothy cost jacksonville fl

Daniel Edelman, Dixon Hughes GoodmanImage result for daniel edelman jacksonville fl dixon hughes goodman

Matt Kane, GreenShades SoftwareImage result for matt kane jacksonville fl

Kelly Madden, Wells FargoImage result for kelly madden jacksonville fl wells fargo

Eric Mann, YMCA of Florida's First CoastImage result for eric mann jacksonville fl YMCA first coast

Cindy Stover, TD BankImage result for cindy stover jacksonville fl

Susan Wiles, Right Coast StrategiesImage result for suzy wiles jacksonville fl

Peter Rummell Image result for peter rummell jacksonville fl

Wayne WeaverImage result for wayne weaver jacksonville fl

Along with their businesses they also own a mayor several city council members and state representatives.

Do you think most of the people above have the same experiences and interests as most of us do, how about  desires? Do you think they are concerned about us?

There is nothing wrong with being rich, there is something terribly wrong with letting the rich rule us and finally ask yourself this question, how good of a job have then been doing? 

1 comment:

  1. It would be interesting to quiz them.
    Do you support a $15 minimum wage?
    Do you support medicaid expansion?
    Do you think you could live on $15 an hour?