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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Was councilwoman Boyer rewarded for selling out the city's schools and children?

More jobs and rising property values. I would think those were two of the most important things that every city council person should be fighting for. Not in Jacksonville however where self aggrandizement seems to be several members priority.  

It's become obvious that Tommy Hazouri sold out the city's schools and children to get a seat more towards the center of the city council stage, but maybe Lori Boyer, who also fought vigorously against the referendum, did so as well. 


Jacksonville City Council member Lori Boyer was selected as the Downtown Investment Authority’s next CEO. 

The DIA board’s unanimous decision Wednesday was delivered after three hours of public interviews at City Hall with Boyer and two other finalists for the job. 

Boyer’s selection came down to her knowledge of Downtown Jacksonville — legislation Boyer authored simplifying zoning and redrafting Downtown overlay districts was approved by the City Council on Wednesday — and her experience with projects already under development.

A real estate lawyer by trade whose bio nostalgically speaks about her time at Dairy Queen, Boyer has stepped into a pretty cushy gig and the reason given was "her knowledge of Downtown Jacksonville".

I don't think it should be lost on anybody that she will be working with members of the Civic Council, the masters of the universe that rule our backwards little town, and who both want our public schools to fail and whom didn't want the referendum to pass.

Was she the best candidate to fill the job? I can't say she wasn't but I can say this is Jacksonville and ability is often way down the list behind who you know and what you can do for them.  

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