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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Let me explain why safety concerns don't move Curry and Chartrand on the tax referendum

It is a sad reality that in this day and age we have to be concerned bout hardening our schools to make them safer, and sadly Tallahassee has not adequately funded this. Superintendent Green said at a recent school board workshop said that if the referendum passes she wants to spend five dollars per square foot on every school, including every charter on safety. It is her and the boards priority to make sure our schools are safe.

Since this is the case it was hard to understand why Mayor Curry and the Civic council are so resistant to the tax referendum but then I think I figured out why.

Several members of the civic council in addition to being financial donors to Curry also have close ties to two charter schools. The KIPP school and the Tiger Academy. These two charter schools received an extra two and one million respectively in the recent state budget. No other public or charter school received this extra money. 

Is it that Mayor Curry and the Civic council don't care about paying for safety at all our schools because the schools they have ties with already receive extra money they can use to keep their students safer? If so that is heinous.

We should ask ourselves some questions. Does anybody think it is a good idea to needlessly wait an extra year to make our schools and kids safer? Why do the civic council's charter schools get extra money when the public schools and the other charter schools don't? Why aren't the mayor and the civic council doing all they can to make our schools safer,  and finally since our schools desperately need the extra resources and most of the city is behind the referendum why are the mayor and the civic council fighting against it? 

Two reasons come to mind, they want our public schools to fail and don't care if they are not as safe as they could be, and/or they want a bigger cut of the sales tax referendum, both terrible reasons to put our children in danger.

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