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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Gary Chartrand's lies and bad ideas, Sunday edition (rough draft)

This guy is rich and I guess because it he thinks he can bully and lie with impunity. 

Ugh, ugh and ugh.

In today's Times Union he had an editorial filled with lies and self serving and specious points.

From the Times Union, 

The current plan allocates 100 percent of all tax proceeds to district-operated public schools, depriving the 16,500 students currently attending public charter schools of the benefits of improved buildings and facilities. Charter schools are public schools, and should have access to the same tax benefits as the rest of the district. This proposed funding inequity would only increase over time, as the Duval school district’s own projections show charter enrollment growing by 10,000 within 10 years.
As an equitable solution, we recommend proportionate sharing of tax proceeds with charter schools based on student enrollment. Duval’s charters are expanding as a result of parent demand. We must recognize that and make funding plans appropriately, or we risk impacting the county’s tax base by encouraging a tide of education-driven relocations to surrounding counties. Once the Master Facility Plan is refined and approved, the Civic Council further recommends that the School Board establish a Citizens’ Oversight Group to ensure sales tax proceeds are used according to the approved plan.
Gary Chartrand knows the district has already said it would allocate tax money to charter schools and a by need basis, so when he says the current plan allocates none, that's a straight up lie, then his plan to give money on a proportional basis is a terrible idea that is designed only to put money in the pockets of charter school owners and let me explain why.
First a significant amount of charter schools in Duval are run by for profit management companies that rent their facilities to the charter. What other for profit business that provides a service gets their building and maintenance upkeep paid for?  The answer is none, they get paid a fee, which charter schools also are paid and that is supposed to cover their costs. What Chartrand wants to do is double dip. Furthermore this is a bad deal for the public. If for any reason those charters were to close then all the money invested by the public o those properties is lost.
Then many of these charter schools are new and don't have the same maintenance construction costs/needs that our public schools do. Lets take the charter school at Baymeadows and brand new facility and Raines High school and older facility that should be rebuilt. If we were to share proportionally then the owners of the Baymeadows charter school would have their pockets overflowing with Tax payer money while Raines would never get rebuilt. Chartrand knows all of that as well.
I could go on about his op-ed but isn't that enough? 
Chartrand is the villain of the story, a zealot who isn't above lying and bullying to get his way.  You know people should win on the merits of their argument, not because they lie and bribe their way to the finish line. 

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